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Candace F.

results-candace-1My weight loss story begins at 200 lbs. Like many new moms my excuse for being over weigh was "well I just had a baby!" But my baby was 9 months old already. Lessening the validity of my excuse. I had finaly made the decision to change. I bought myself a WeightWatcher's membership for my birthday that month and followed it strictly. The pounds started falling off.

By the next february I was 135lbs. I had made it! I enjoyed my new self at this healthy weight for a few short months before finding out I was expecting my second baby!!! Having put forth all that effort in losing the weight gained from the first pregnancy I decided that was not happening again. I followed the plan all the way through the pregnancy and though I still gained 30lbs I was still 5lbs lighter then I had been prior to my first pregnancy!! I was highly motivated to get back into shape this time around.

This time around I challenged myself to a 10k run to get back into shape. This, along with the original WeightWatcher's plan that was tried, tested and true got me down to 135 lbs. Just 6 months after the arrival of baby #2! Great improvement!! But as time wore on I became less strict on the diet, though I always kept up the running. I was gradually gaining weight. About 15 lbs over 6 months, and I wasn't getting the tight and toned body that I wanted.

I decided again that something had to change. Then came Wrench Fitness. Reg put together a workout plan for me and it shocked me. I lifted as heavy as I could and yet got smaller!! AND minimal cardio!! Coming from a workout consisting of an hour and a half on a treadmil this was a very welcome change!! I was seeing results almost imediately. Just about every week I would notice a new muscle flex as I'd do random house hold chores or lifti kids in and out of the car. I was hooked. Reg continued working with me and making up subsoquent plans to further my progress. Though it has been about five and a half years in the making I feel proud of the body I have built. I believe the Wrench Fitness moto "Build the Body You Want" as it is so true. You are not just one day going to wake up with a great body. You have to work at it, and it takes time. From the start of my journey till now I have lost 73 lbs and 50" all together. Over 12" of that was in my belly alone!! I committed to my dicision and with help from great trainers I have now fulfulled one of my long time dreams, playing a competetive sport. I built myself up from being winded from climbing a set of stairs, let alone chasing my son around, to a competetive athelete, excelling in a full contact football league like the LFL. Lift big and be happy!!

Thanks Wrench Fitness!

-Candace F.



Everyone is Talking!

"I have been a member of Wrench Fitness since Sept 2010. The reason I chose this gym instead of a bigger center in Saskatoon was because of it’s location and the great equipment Wrench has to offer. The staff here are great, really friendly, and always willing to help. Wrench has everything I need and more to reach my fitness goals."
-Jenny Lovely
Member Since Sept 2010